Do we need a PS5 Pro and Xbox refresh?

We recently got some interesting news about a potential PS5 Pro and Xbox Series X refresh. TV manufacturer TCL gave a press conference in Poland, which contained a slide that discussed “Gen 9.5” of consoles. According to TCL, the “PS5 Pro” and “New Xbox Series S/X” would arrive in 2023/2024, and offer higher resolutions, better frame rates and a more powerful GPU than the consoles we have today.

Now that a few days have passed, it seems that TCL was simply theorizing that Sony and Microsoft might repeat their strategies from the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X days. The PS5 Pro and Xbox Series X refresh aren’t confirmed, as far as we know. But it did get the Tom’s Guide staff wondering: If Sony and Microsoft are working on console refreshes, do we even want them?

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